What is Trampoline?

Trampoline is a monthly meeting for Emerging Sydney Photographic Talent. The aim of the meetings is to inspire the next wave of Photographic talent while at the same time educating them about subjects such as best work practices, how much insurance is required to operate as  a sole trader. Copyright issues, how to quote on jobs etc. In the last twelve months we have had the pleasure of having photographers, art directors, art buyers and photographers agents come and speak at Trampoline.
The meeting is open to everyone  and you do not require membership to a professional Photographic body such as the ACMP or the AIPP Although there are definitely advantages to being a member of either of these organisations if Photography is what you plan to do as a job.

The Sydney Trampoline meeting has not happened yet in 2011 and I do apologise for this,
We are very much hoping to have our first meeting for the year in May