Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Everybody loves to do things at the last minute

For the rest of you who haven't, you have until 11:59pm tomorrow - 1 September to submit. 

I have been surprised to hear from so few agents for their photographers. If you have an agent who has not yet either contacted you to submit or submitted on your behalf, I'd be asking some questions!

I am looking for submissions in the following areas - ensure you submit something in all areas:
The Work – your best images of the year (August 2009 to August 2010).
Top five lists - your Top Fives in the categories NOT Top Ones.
Favourite websites and blogs.
Please see below for details on submitting.
The Work
The Annual is all about showcasing the best work shot by Australian and New Zealand photographers, both commissioned and personal work.
How to send

Please send up to six (6) of your best shots taken from August 2009 to August 2010 for consideration in our very special edition of the magazine. The easiest way to submit files will be to combine them all into one zip file and send with www.yousendit.com - a free upload service. DO NOT ZIP AND UPLOAD INDIVIDUAL FILES.

Images should be approximately 6x9 inch 300dpi JPEG 12 – do not send TIFFs.

What to send

Please send an accompanying e-mail with caption/credit information as well as what category the various images fall into. For example, Advertising, Wedding, Portrait, Magazine/Editorial, Photojournalism/Documentary or emerging or student work, to suggest just a few categories. Please ensure you indicate whether the work was commissioned or a personal project (using C or P in the file name to designate. Not required for emerging category). I would love to see images across a broad range of specialisations.

Naming standard examples

Wedding1C-YOURSURNAME.jpg or Doco3P-YOURSURNAME.jpg or Editorial2C-YOURSURNAME.jpg or Emerging5-YOURSURNAME.jpg

Top Five lists

Please share your Top 5 with us for the year, in any or all of the following areas. Don't be shy - lists will be aggregated, not attributed to individual photographers. We'll tally up the votes and share the results.

Categories to consider include:

Gear and technology

- best photographic iPhone apps

- best Photoshop plug-ins

- best software

- best pieces of gear you’ve discovered this year


- most impressive screw up on the shoot (that the client never knew about and those they did!) – names will be hidden to protect photographers and clients

- trends you’ve noticed

- dodgy business practices

- weird moments you and your assistants experienced on a shoot - names will be hidden to protect photographers and assistants

Service providers receivers

- best assistants

- best retouchers

- best studios hired

- best talent agencies

- best casting resources

- best design agencies

- best ad agencies

- best gear hire facilities

- best business resources – accountants, graphic and web designers, business coaches, insurance brokers and other useful service providers or resources.

Best websites

Please also share your favourite websites for information and inspiration – send as many as you deem suitable for this category.

Some areas to consider may include local and overseas photographers, blogs, forums and suppliers.


The deadline is 1 September 2010. No material submitted after this date can be considered, unless we've had "the chat".

Please forward this message on to anyone you think has some amazing work to share and would like to potentially be published in the magazine, whether emerging or seasoned professional.

Cheers and thanks for your time,


Marc Gafen

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